My favorite collection, BY FAR this year for Fall Ready-to-Wear was Saint Laurent. Love the use of bold colors and the classic cinched in waist, The use of gold embellishments makes it flashy and classy. Well done! This collection is actually wearable in my opinion.

Pictures pulled from Vogue.com

See the link below for more of Saint Laurent's Ready-to-wear.



The Chanel supermarket came alive in the Fall-Winter 2014 runway show and it was brilliant. Karl always goes above and beyond, but this time he really out did himself. Even the props were true to the Chanel signature c's.  

Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear Dolce & Gabbana

This is such an intricate piece. Dolce& Gabbanna always gets "detailed" I guess you could say, with all of their garments. This silhouette is very flattering on all women. I love the thigh high boots and this short dress paired together, it makes the look sexy but classy at the same time. As for the colors, I think they are very fitting for fall.



Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear Giorgio Armani


Love this look. It reminds me of a dressier version of the popular trend of “boyfriend jeans” that we’ve seen this fall. Baggy pants have made a comeback since MC Hammer times! I love the hint of sparkle into such a masculine garment. This look is very laid back but could be considered as a formal look as well. It depends on how you would accessorize it. Heels or flats?


Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear Rebecca Minkoff

I would literally wear this look head to toe. This look is casual yet fierce at the same time. I think that the sports jacket with the navy bodycon looks perfect and instead of pairing this look with an average pump, she went with a casul bootie. I love everything about this look, its very polished yet effortless. Very street style.

Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear
Richard Chai Love
This was the last look of the show and I wasn't a huge fan at first but the more I look at it, I really love it. The burgundy jacket with the printed flowy skirt looks great together. This look is very casual but in way similar to street style.  If I wasn't 5 feet flat then I could see myself wearing this. I think this is a result of the trickle-up of trends from the streets.

Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear Tadashi Shoji


Gorgeous floor length gown. This personally stuck out to me because of the beautiful embroidery on the chest, This entire collection seemed "intricate" and this was one of the very detailed looks. Lots of respect for Shoji taking on a challenge and really pushed the limit with the details.



Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear Kate Spade New York

I think that a bell-shaped silhouette is the most feminine and flattering shape for a woman. I am in love with these vibrant colors. This dress is simply adorable. The large bow on the chest makes this look polished and fun. I love the touch of the blue faux fur clutch. Kate Spade always has a variety of vibrant colors no matter what the season.



Balmain gave special attention to detail in this collection for sure. There were a lot of patterns and textures used throughout. This look wasn't specifically intense when it came to patterns but I thought it was a great, simplistic look overall. I'm a huge fan of wearing all white after winter due to the whole "you can't wear white after labor day" myth and I think this is a great way to do it. The sheer lace top is very feminine and paired with the high waisted slacks, its perfect. I'm also a huge fan of gold jewelry with white, its over all very chic and trendy at the same time.



Fur, Fur, Fur! I love it! Black fur especially. This look is too perfect. In love with the color-blocked, body-con dress. Oxyblood is perfect with white and black. The very rounded, oversized sunglasses with the fur...its so classy, not to mention, this could definitely be worn straight off the runway. Unlike most designers that take the runway as a time to play with proportions, patterns, shapes,sizes and "go crazy!" Mouret's collection could be worn straight off the runway. Another thing I liked about the collection is that the photoshoot was done in a very casual setting. There were dogs in the picture, settings in the living room and kitchen,  it was awesome. In love.



This collection was sort of simple for  Donatella, but it was done well. I loved that she played with the silhouette of peacoats, added fur and a touch of "rocker chic." I would wear this any day. The feminine, baby pink fur is adorable with the chic black skirt, low neckline blouse and basic black pump. The look is overall super chic and cute at the same time.




This look reminds me of Chanel's previous Winter collection with the grays and use of tweed texture. Again, Chanel emphasizes a cinched in, tailored waist, giving a very feminine touch. The fur on the sleeves is perfect to give that classy, elegant feel to it. The hat almost makes it seem seem western, but the pointed leather boots pull away from that.  The combination of all of these elements makes the look unique, yet to die for all around. Well done.



Givenchy mixed sequins with fur throughout the collection and I don't think it could have been done better. Providing two very diverse textures, such as fur and sequins, worked out very well. I am a huge fan of sparkles and fur and putting the two together is genius. I  do think the dress could be a little longer, below the knee or shorter, above the knee personally, but that's just my preference. I love that the neckline is high and the sleeves are long, it  makes the look very classy. The sandals could just go all together. Overall, I like the look  though.